17 Free Printable Nonogram Puzzles

Discover a variety of nonogram puzzles, also known as Griddler challenges or Picross games, in this category. Challenge your logical thinking and problem-solving skills as you solve puzzles by filling in grids using numerical clues. Enjoy these engaging and thought-provoking grid-based games that reveal hidden images when completed.

Check out our Nonogram Strategy Guide for tips and techniques to help you solve these puzzles.


How to get your Nonogram Puzzle PDF(s)

Selecting your Nonogram Puzzle and printing the PDF is a simple process. First, choose the Nonogram Puzzle that catches your eye, and then click the download button on the puzzle page. Your free printable Nonogram Puzzle PDF will then download.

Once you have downloaded the PDF you can open it with a PDF viewer, most devices have one built-in, and print it as many times as you like. But can you beat the Nonogram Puzzle challenge?

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