About Ninja Puzzles: Mindful Challenges for All Ages

Welcome to Ninja Puzzles, your digital home for captivating brain-teasers and engaging challenges.

My name is Ben Gillbanks. I make things for the web. I’m a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur. I’m also a father, and that’s where this website began.

Ninja Puzzles was created in an unexpected way, emerging amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic. As I made puzzle games for my son, starting with mazes and evolving into word searches, Sudokus, and the intriguing Kriss Kross puzzles, a spark of creativity ignited. I went from making them by hand, to making them with code. Then I began sharing some of these conundrums on social media, but I wanted a more permanent home where these puzzles could live. So, Ninja Puzzles was created.

Unraveling the Why

Ninja Puzzles isn’t just a name; it’s a bridge that connects creativity and intellect. Interestingly, the name finds its roots in another endeavor close to my heart: Brush Ninja. Brush Nina is another of my websites which, much like its puzzling counterpart, was born from a desire to nurture my son’s imagination and artistic expression. The connection between the two platforms runs deep, a testament to the enduring bond of creativity and exploration.

Warmest puzzling wishes,


Founder, Ninja Puzzles

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