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Nonogram Puzzle Creator

You can use our nonogram puzzle creator to create your own nonogram puzzles. You can then download the puzzle as a PNG image to print and share with your friends and family.

Welcome to the Nonogram Creator - where imagination meets puzzles! Dive into the world of creativity as you craft your own unique nonograms. Our intuitive drawing interface on this first page allows you to effortlessly design intricate patterns. From simple shapes to complex designs, the power is in your hands. With every stroke, you’re creating a puzzle that will captivate and challenge your friends. Enjoy the process, and let your creativity run wild. Happy puzzling!

Tips for Creating Good Nonograms

  • Keep the shapes simple and focus on the silhouette. We’re only using one color, so the puzzle will be more difficult if the shapes are too detailed.
  • Use clusters of coloured squares. This will allow the puzzle solver to make more logical deductions.
  • Try to include some longer rows and columns. These give the solver a nice starting point.

What is a Nonogram?

A nonogram is a puzzle that consists of a grid with numbers along the top and left side. The numbers indicate how many squares are filled in each row or column. The goal is to fill in the squares to create a picture. The numbers give you clues about which squares to fill in and which to leave blank.


What is a nonogram?

A nonogram, also known as a picross, griddler or paint by numbers, is a logic puzzle that involves creating an image by filling in squares on a grid based on numerical clues. You can read more about nonograms and the history of the game on our blog.

How do I draw on the grid?

Simply click and drag to draw on the grid. Use the numerical clues on the sides to guide you in creating your unique pattern. Experiment with different designs until you’re satisfied.

Can I save my progress?

Unfortunately, progress saving is not available on this page. However, you can easily download and save your completed nonograms on Page 2 once you’ve finished crafting your masterpiece.

Are there any restrictions on puzzle size?

Currently puzzles are limited to a 15 x 15 pixel grid. I may allow for different sizes in the future but for now that’s the size we are working with.

How can I share my creations?

To share your nonogram puzzles, press “Generate Puzzle”. There, you can download your completed puzzles and share them with friends, family, or anyone who loves a good puzzle challenge.

Why did you create this Nonogram Creator?

The Nonogram Creator was developed to provide a platform for puzzle enthusiasts like you to unleash your creativity and share unique puzzles with the world. We believe in the joy of puzzle-solving and wanted to empower users to become puzzle creators.

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