9 Downloadable Comic Puzzles

Welcome to Ninja Puzzles - Comics Edition! Dive into a world of puzzle excitement with our comic category, featuring a collection of brain-teasing challenges adorned with iconic comic strips, superheroes, and fantastical adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned solver or new to puzzles, expect a delightful mix of humor and mental gymnastics. Download, print, and let the superhero within you shine as you conquer each puzzle, unveiling hidden messages and cracking codes. Join the Ninja Puzzles community in this thrilling journey through the vibrant universe of comics.


How to get your Puzzle PDF(s)

Selecting your Puzzle and obtaining the PDF is a simple process. First, choose the Puzzle that catches your eye, and then click the download button on the puzzle page. Your free printable Puzzle PDF will then download.

Once you have received the PDF you can open it with a PDF viewer, most devices have one built-in, and print it as many times as you like. But can you beat the Puzzle puzzle?

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